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Eco Sanitise UK Ltd are a UK based solution company providing innovative products within the infection control industry. We are the sister company to Eco Statics Europe Ltd, and together we are changing the way water based solutions are applied to surfaces, creating the most hygienic application and environments for human beings.



Our consumables have been developed & engineered to allow us to take the next step in infection control by using our electrostatic sprayers Eco Statics Europe. This is brand new technology and our sister company is the exclusive distributor. Creating solutions to reach wider audiences, providing many benefits!



All our solutions are European Tested (EN), Manufactured from ISO9001 and UKAS accredited facilities. BPR compliant (Biocide Pesticide Regulations) (where required), ECHA approved (European Chemical Agency) and fully complaint (where required).


Easy to Implement

Our technology has been manufactured with the end user in mind. Our sprayers are the fore front of the commercialisation of liquid management, so being user friendly was a big part to the development of our electrostatic sprayers. This enables our technology to be implemented with ease and minimal training.


Combinational Approach

Our exclusive range of products provides a synergy of surface disinfection and sanitation, air quality, hand hygiene and advanced coatings. This allows us to appeal to a variety of different industries.


Eco Friendly

All products and solutions are made with the environment in mind. This approach also makes our products significantly more user friendly due to the reduced Hazardous Precautions.



We do have other solutions that are not listed on here For eample; C-Diff Cleaner (CDC), Cleaning solution (CLN), Bio Film Remover (BFR), Algae, Mould Remover (AMR) and Multi Purpose Polish (MPP) 

User Information


Product Range

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Product Name: CLN

Brief Description: CLN is a fragranced eEco friendly biodegradable cleaner..

Category: Remover and Coating

Code: EC0100

Available: 1 Litre RTU and 5 Litre refill 

Apply via Electrostatics? Yes and No - Users choice

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Information: CLN is a unique biologically active formulation containing specialised bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners.

Non - hazardous, Biological Multi Spore cleaner offers enhanced cleaning power to cleaning of all hard surfaces including floors, tiles, porcelain, showers and bathrooms. It is also very effective on carpets, fabrics and upholstery. The beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces to degrade a wide range of embedded residual soils, which conventional cleaners typically leave behind. These beneficial microorganisms, including environmentally safe surfactants, break down even the most resistant grease and grime, keeping surfaces truly deep - clean, odour free and fresh smelling. Effective, long lasting cleaning and odour control.

General Benefits: Enhances long lasting cleaning effects by degrading residual organics for an extended time after cleaning is complete. The microorganisms simply die releasing carbon dioxide and water. Helps provide in depth odour control by breaking down odorous molecules and odor causing organics. Advanced microbial technology. Harmless to humans and animals, environmentally friendly, non hazardous, non corrosive and biodegradable.

Advantages of using biologically active cleaners are that it brings together the benefits of surfactant technology and combines this with microbial technology. The

primary cleaning effect is based on the use of a blend of biodegradable surfactants. This provides a highly effective method of removing stains and soils by solubilising them and therefore aids their removal from the carpet fibres. 

The bacterial strains in the product produce a wide range of enzymes that help to degrade any residual organic materials remaining deep down in the carpet pile, whilst the microbial treatment ensures that organic residues are broken down so that the source of the smells are eliminated.

Product Name: CLN-Foam

Brief Description: CLN-Foam is a non-fragranced eco friendly bio-degradable cleaner.

Category: Foaming cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant

Code: ECO1000

Available: 20 Litre Concentrate 

Apply via Electrostatics? No (User choice Yes - but no foam)

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 CLN-Foam is a deep clean, high foaming, triple action sanitiser, degreaser and disinfectant for industrial food safe cleaning.

Keeping bacterial infection under control and minimising cross infection in kitchen, food preparation and storage areas which require regular surface deep cleaning.

FEATURES: CLN-Foam is a high foaming sanitiser concentrate that has a triple action i.e. It degreases, sanitises and disinfects all at the same time.

1. Degrease: Cleans the surface of grease and makes clean again.

2. Sanitises: Disrupts the pathogens making them disorientated.

3. Disinfects: The food safe disinfectant then kills the pathogens that have been disorientated.

Information: CLN provides a three angled attack and when washed off using FSD it will give it a fourth dimension killing zone and ensuring that the pathogens do not build up resistance to our solutions. It's unique long lasting foaming action enables deep clean operators to ensure complete surface coverage. CLN-Foam produces sturdy foam that grips to vertical surfaces, to further ensure complete coverage before rinsing off. It is completely biodegradable, eco friendly and non hazardous.

Approvals: CLN-Foam is non tainting and meets BS6471. Kills - Listeria, Salmonella & E-Coli

Application: Dilute a 2% up to 5% solution to produce thick white foam. Use a low pressure spray to apply to surfaces and leave for up to 15−20 minutes then rinse with clean water. CLN-Foam can also be applied using air entraining and high pressure water lance systems.

Coming soon - 

RTC ECO150 which is a Residual Toilet Cleaner but without the harmful ingredient called 'Bleach'

High Level Disinfection Powder

Product Name: HLD 

Brief Description: HLD is a powder, & high performance disinfectant. 

Category: Disinfectant 

Product Code: ECO200 

Sizes Available: 10 Sachets x 50g (50 Litres) or 1 box (300) x 50g sachets 

Apply via Electrostatics? Yes 

MSDS: Contact us / 

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Information: HLD is a high performance oxidising disinfectant creating 'free oxygen' when applied to the surface as a solution. 

Testing: Virucidal, Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Sporicidal and Mycobactericidal. 

Viruses to EN 14476. Spores to EN 13704. Fungi EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13624, EN 13697 and EN 14562. Bacteria to EN 1276, EN 13697, 

EN 13727 and EN 14561. DEFRA Approved to General Orders. 

Features: HLD is a multipurpose high level disinfectant and cleaner that is provided in 50g sachets, which when added to 5 litres of water, gives you a high performance disinfectant. The sachets save space for drums of chemicals and provide you with the correct dosage of solution every time its used. It also reduces carbon footprint due to it's lightweight powder format. 

Versatile - HLD is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, making it a very versatile and powerful disinfectant. • Non Hazardous • Safe for use and the environment. • No odour, no bleach and no alcohol. • Once mixed lasts for up to 7 days. • Saves space and time due to sachet and   format. • Safe and easy disposal.

Food Safe Disinfection

Product Name: FSD 

Brief Description: FSD is a food safe surface disinfectant.

Category: Disinfectant 

Product Code: ECO300 

Sizes Available: 1 tub is 100 tablets (50 litres) or box of 12 x 100 tablets

Apply via Electrostatics? Yes 

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Information: FSD is a water-based, food safe disinfectant, which contains no quaternary compounds. 

How it works: Add two tablets into the VP200ES electrostatic sprayer and 1 litre of tap water. Ready to clean, disinfect and sanitise any surface in under two minutes − it's that simple! Just spray and leave to dry, so no cross contamination and perfect for all food safe areas, killing bacteria, fungi & viruses. It lasts up to 7 days when made up you can just pick up the sprayer and apply at ease anytime anywhere! Kills Listeria to over log 5 reduction in 60 seconds. 

Features: Exact dilution every time, therefore simple, safe and pre measured.2 tablets, 1 litre of disinfection ready to use in less than 2 minutes − and lasts for up to 7 days! Proven to kill bacteria in seconds. No Chlorine, No Bleach, No alcohol and No Odour, taint tested and UK CCFRA approved. No liquid chemical storage - saving you space every time and easy to carry anywhere. Once diluted, no hazardous labeling is required.

Approvals: EN 1276 E.coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Klebsiella pnuemoniae, Listeria monocytogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enteritidis and MRSA, EN 13727 Legionella pneumophila EN 14476 Swine Flu H1N1 and Norovirus EN 1650 Aspergillus Niger and Candida albicans Pasteur Hepatitis C and HIV Institute UK CCFRA Taint Free Proven effective against Legionella (EN 13727)

Product Name: AMC-F 

Brief Description: AMC-F is a cleaner, wetting agent, bio film remover & disinfectant with an anti-microbial coating for food & other areas.

Category: Cleaner & Disinfectant

Product Code: EC0400

Sizes Available: 5 litres RTU 

Apply via electrostatics? Yes

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Testing: EN 13697 & EN 1276 - Passed • Listeria • Coli • Pseudanomas • Enterococcus hirae • Staphylococcus aureus 
• Listeria • Salmonella • Taint Tested (Passed)

Information: AMC-F is a versatile, broad-spectrum cleaner, wetting agent, bio film remover, disinfectant and leaves an anti-microbial coating. The polymer technology in AMC-F is surface active and it is this interaction with the bacterial populations that, indicate the mode of action for bio film disruption. The change in surface energies is also a mechanism for the reduction and disruption of bio film formation.

In laymen terms:‘AMC-F is a biostatic surface tension depressant, wetting agent, hydrophilic  properties, emulsifier, cleaner and disinfectant which covalently bonds to the substrate surfaces exhibiting an increased electro charge; disrupting pathogens and providing lasting protection' 

The attachment of the polymer demonstrates an increase in the surface roughness (RMS) from 0.07um to 0.23um; therefore, the contact angle and surface tension indicate that the AMC - F polymer is surface active making the surface a hostile and unfriendly environment for pathogens. 
An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. It destroys microbes on contact, providing a surface coating, which helps prevent growth and contamination from microbes via a mechanical process when dry. AMC - F is a fantastic cleaner and provides a durable anti-microbial, micro biostatic finish on various surfaces. It effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould/mildew, algae and viruses on various surfaces and protects against microbial deterioration and odour. 

Where to use: Effective on surfaces in contact with food. Also effective on washable surfaces along with fabrics and fixtures around the home and office.  

AMC-F has been, specifically developed for food contact surfaces, as it has no Quaternary Ammonium Compounds due to the new food surface regulations. 

Hand Sanitiser / Disinfection

Product Name: HND 

Brief Description: HND is water based alcohol free hand sanitiser. 

Category: Hand Sanitiser Product 

Code: EC0700

Sizes Available: 12 x 250ml or 4 x 5 litre Refills 

Apply via Electrostatics? No 

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Information: HND is a sporicidal and alcohol free hand sanitiser with up to 4 hour residual action. Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal.
Testing: Bacteria to EN 1276. Viruses to EN 14476. Fungi to EN 1650. Spores to EN 13704. Dermatologically tested. 96 hour skin patch test. 

Residual testing: Between 2 and 4 hours. HND is an alcohol free hand sanitiser that is sporicidal. 30 Second Kill Rates. Proven residual activity of between 2 and 4 hours after application. No perfume, harsh smells or sticky residue. Kinder for the environment as there are no major environmental concerns due to it being a non flammable product and does not contribute to climate change. Long lasting effectiveness and alcohol free HND disinfectant has been tested and shown to provide residual activity between 2 and 4 hours after application. 

Versatile: Suitable for use as a general purpose hand disinfectant for everyday use as well as a high performance hospital disinfectant for use in isolation wards and hospital/care environments.

Coatings / Other Solutions

Product Name: SMC 

Brief Description: SMC is a surface modification coating that is bonded and providing a durable protective coating. 

Category: Coating 

Product Code: ECO500 

Sizes Available: 5 litres 

Apply via Electrostatics? Yes 

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Information: SMC is a durable, and bonded surface mechanical coating, effective on hard surfaces and fabrics. 
Bonded and long lasting: When the product is applied to a surface the silane molecules form a permanent covalent bond to the surface. Once applied, the only way to remove or deactivate SMC is to cover the surface with paint or debris. 
How SMC works: SMC is a water-based non leaching nano-based technology solution which provides a durable protective coating on all types of hard and porous surfaces. Once dry it becomes a mechanical device, which is invisible and becomes part of the substrate or product it has been applied too, which does not effect it in any way due to the nano sizes needles. The molecules within SMC is comprised of two parts - a polymer foot attached to a long chain of methal group molecules. When applied to a surface, the polymer foot covalently bonds to the surface while the positively charged methal chains (needles) point away from the surface. (Other coatings do not point directly away from surface, compromising their capabilities). 

SMC is a mechanical device because once dry there is no solution, just nano needles. 

Surfaces: Glass, Sand, Stone, Ceramic, Cotton, Wool, Linen, Felt, Aluminium, Galvanised Metal, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Polyester, Spandex and Vinyl.

Overview: Eco Sanitise UK sell SMC using Si-Quat technology, which is a water nano based protective and mechanical coating when dry. The reason we use Si-Quat technology is for the liquid adhesion of the mechanical nano needles. The Si-Quat in our SMC ensures a permanent fix to the substrate and once dry becomes a permanent mechanical coating that does not leach due to the Si-Quat technology. We make NO kill claims with our SMC and is not, used to kill pathogens. 

Product Name: AMR

Brief Description: AMR is an Algea and Mould remover and protector.

Category: Remover and Coating

Code: EC0600

Available: 5 Litres 

Apply via Electrostatics? Yes and No - Users choice

MSDS: Contact us 

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Information: AMR is an environmentally safe and biodegradable surface cleaner with sanitising properties specifically designed for the eradication of mould and mildew, including spores. It is to be used in dark and damp areas, as well as stone and other hard surfaces 

where mould and mildew are present. (Not to be used on soft furnishings or carpets). AMR contains wetting agents that ensure that when it is applied it is desperate to disenfranchise itself from the water it is mixed in floated in, therefore racing to a solid structure eating its way through the bio-film that is stuck to the surface. This then allows the biocides that make up AMR to penetrate and disrupt the life cycle that create Mould and Algae. Green algae are widely regarded as a ‘plant’ life and are susceptible to chemicals. 

Advantages of AMR: 

1. Penetration to the substrate

2. Chemical destruction of the Mould and Algae 

3. Once dead it disintegrates and or is rinsed away. 

4. It leaves a protective coating stopping re-growth

Product Name: Eco Protect

Brief Description: Eco Protect is a textile protection coating.

Category: Textile Coating

Code: ECO900

Available: 5 Litres 

Apply via Electrostatics? No 

MSDS: Contact us 

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Having your upholstery and carpets protected with Eco Protect will keep them looking like new for longer. It also prolongs the overall lifespan of upholstery and carpets as our protection reduces the amount of cleans needed on the fabrics. 

Information: Eco Protect is based on particles with particular qualities. These have the lowest friction of any known material and build an invisible shield around each fibre, thereby providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic fluids, dust or debris that, on unprotected textiles, would result in permanent stains. When protected, fine and light-coloured fabric can be used in interiors that usually would be difficult to maintain. It also helps reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation, static electricity and other abrasions that would otherwise fade and fray fabrics. With practical benefits of beautiful surroundings, a clean and hygienic area prevents the intangible disadvantages of de-motivation and sickness. The treated fabrics and carpets will subsequently last longer and with greater appearance retention. Once a fabric has been protected, airborne irritants are defused because vacuuming becomes more efficient in these areas. Furniture treatments can therefore reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifecycle of interiors.


   · Prolonging life of upholstery and carpets. 

· Providing easy stain removal and release.

· Effective shield against oil and water based stains.

· Protects against UV sun-fading.

· Reduces wear and tear.

· Makes vacuuming much more effective.

· Improves indoor air quality.

· Prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs.

· Improves professional deep cleaning, saving you time and money.

· Reduces necessary amount of chemicals and water for cleaning.

· Increases productivity on the work floor.

· Reduces cleaning times by up to 75%.

· Protects against bacteria, fungus and smells.

Coming Soon - 

MPP Multi Purpose Polish is an anti-static, no streak polish with a mild pleasant fragrance

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